Artist Bio:

Marcia Brown M.A (QTLS) is a Multi-disciplinary Community Artist and Qualified Teacher based in West Yorkshire. She graduated from Leeds BeckettPark University with a master's degree in Contemporary Fine Arts Practices. She is a recipient of the Edna Lumb Travel Scholarship and the Black Achieversawards for her work in Community Arts.

Her art seeks to explore the relationship between music and colour and the lost understanding and function of African Artefacts/objects held in Museum Collections.

Trained as a painter, she also taught herself to play the guitar and became a music maker. Her passion for Roots Reggae Music is at the core of her creativity and informs her paintings, digital artworks, and music production ideas. She uses photography, moving images, and digital technologies combined

with portraiture and traditional art to explore and manipulate the principles of image-making and design to create her work.

Marcia is also a qualified teacher, specializing in Further Education. She teaches adults and young people painting, drawing, printmaking, and basic music production skills. Her mission is to create

art and music that inspires, empowers, and educates.

She continues to exhibit her art and has artwork in private and public collections.