Artist Bio:

Marcia Brown M.A is a U.K based Visual Artist and Qualified art teacher. She graduated from Leeds Beckett Park University with a Masters degree in Contemporary Fine Art. She won the Edna Lumb Travel Scholarship to Research Roots Reggae Music in Jamaica. She delivers weekly Online Oil Painting classes.

Marcia continues to exhibit her art and has artwork in private and public collections.

Artist Statement:

My art practice is driven by my Rastafarian faith and explores the relationship between music and colour, taking inspiration from biblical prophecy and cultural objects and artefacts in Museums as well as The Rastafarian community in Leeds. Music is the central point and I try to transform shape, pattern, lyrics and sound vibrations into an array of colour. I see painting and musical notes as interrelated and a vehicle for alchemical reflections of colour, light, rhythm and sound. My aim is to create a platform for my art and cultural awareness using visual arts, video and new music technologies to engage and enlighten the viewer.